Uncle Mings American Pale Ale

Next time you are in the city be sure to drop into Uncle Ming’s Bar which is the only place in Sydney where you can get an Uncle Ming’s American Pale Ale! This delicious Pale Ale has been developed by Custom Brew Co especially for Uncle Ming’s to match their food menu which mainly a nice variety of dumplings & delights! 

Uncle Ming’s has an opium den inspired theme, legend has it that Uncle Ming was one of Shanghai’s most notorious figures – a sweet potato vendor who began a life of crime as a policeman collecting protection money from local opium traders. Having to leave China, Uncle Ming settled in Sydney in the 1920’s and set up a place for the local community to meet and have a drink.

Uncle Ming’s Bar is located on the Lower Ground Floor 55 York St, Sydney. (under the suit store)

Opening hours

Monday – Friday 12 to midnight

Saturday 4pm to midnight

Sunday closed

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